April 12, 2021 8:58 pm
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Cheers From a Sparkling Durrës

Cheers From a Sparkling Durrës

It is well known by now that one of Albania’s greatest treasures is its religious harmony and peaceful coexistence.  We celebrate together, we grieve together.

My hometown went through some hard times this last season, with two major earthquakes, one of which caused many deaths and injuries, however the city seems to be recovering and keeping on.

We close this year with some images from Durrës central square, Liria Square, dripping with Christmas lights and Nativity scenes.

In one of the photos you will notice the town’s main Mosque, literally steps away from the Christmas Tree; It’s a snapshot of Durrës post-earthquake, but it’s really a snapshot of Albania all year round.



Cheers from all of us at Albanian Echo !  May 2020 be pure magic!


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